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Duisbeke 5 in Mater, at this address you will find the farm of "Jean-Baptiste Walraet, Cultivateur d'Audenaerde" as the old nameplate on the facade says.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Walraet family expanded its agricultural activities in this characteristic square farm.
A few years ago we fell in love with this place and after a thorough renovation we were able to move in.

"We"... that is Anne-Marie, Sam, Omer, two four-legged friends and a family of Ouessant sheep.


During the renovation, the house and the monumental barn were taken care of. It is in this barn that we receive our guests.

The layout and furnishings offer all the necessary modern comfort combined with austerity and simplicity, elements that do justice to the building.

The farm borders the fields of Mater and has its own large garden in which terraces are provided for visitors.

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